Current note from the VST:

9/2018: At this time no Elder concepts are being accepted onto the VSS. Additionally, as an IA city, I am also currently not approving characters of any clan other than Followers of Set (Standard/Viper) or Giovanni (Standard/Premascine.)

VSS Information

VSS: New Orleans By Night

VSS Boundaries: Tangipahoa (South of I-12), St. Tammany, St John Baptist, St Charles, Jefferson, Orleans, Plaquemines, Lafourche, Terrebonne, St. James, and St. Bernard Parishes, in Louisiana

VST Name: Kiz Robinson

VST Email:

Domain Code:

City Type: Independent Alliance

Other Vampire Political Affiliations Active in the Domain: Unaligned vampires are uncommon within the domain. Camarilla vampires are rare within the domain. Open Sabbat have not been seen within the domain except as NPCs

Sect Boundaries: New Orleans

Theme: Dark mirror of Reality

Mood: Darkness, Mysticism

Setting: BNS MES Vampire: The Masquerade

“The morning sun in New Orleans felt like it was trying to make a point, convincing the old world to believe something new.” ― Hunter Murphy, Imogene in New Orleans

The Big Easy, a city of lights, jazz, food and debauchery. The visage of a wonderland draws people from all over the world but it is just that, a visage. Beyond the lights, music and crawfish lies a crumbling landscape of secrets and corruption. Beyond the parades and busy traffic of Canal dark ancient magics are practiced in the shadows. Beyond the lights and allure of Bourbon Street the gangs run the streets with little opposition from the police. Beyond the city limits wild and powerful creatures prowl the bayou. Beyond the visage...are Kindred, struggling to keep hold of their power while unearthing the secrets buried within the tales of the city.

City Description: The Giovanni and Setites have worked together in the Big Easy long before there was ever an official alliance. Since the Independent Alliance was created their grip on the domain has only grown stronger as others who shy away from the politics of the Camarilla and their enemies flock to the Crescent City.

Those who come to visit are expected to pay respects to the leaders of the Independent Alliance; Zanobi Nicoli di Jovian Giovanni and Serapion of The Followers of Set. Traditionally a gift of some sort is offered to both as a symbol of good intent within their territory. Should members of the Camarilla find themselves visiting the territory they are expected to contact Elder Aaron Locke of Clan Malkavian, who resides in the domain and acts as a go between for his sect and the Alliance.

Any form of discrimination against religion is not tolerated within the territory. Zanobi finds such especially offensive and has been known to banish or torpor those who tread on the beliefs of others.

Jackson Square and the French Market have been declared a neutral ground and off limits for feeding. Bourbon Street is one of the most widely known racks within the territory and is available to all kindred who have been welcomed within the domain.

The early days of New Orleans were plagued by a biter rivalry between Doran Dupry and Cosa Francisco Martinez. Though it was never really understood by Doran what he had every done to warrant Cosa’s actions against him. The truth was that he had done nothing, but his sire on the other hand had made it his personal mission to destroy Cosa at any and all given availabilities. In fact Cosa came to New Orleans thinking that Doran was hiding his sire’s torpid corps in the swamps of the city. Some believe he is still hidden away.

Domain Coordinator: Aaron "Duckie" Lirette

Domain Storyteller: Bob Martin

VST Masquerade: Kiz Robinson

  • AD 1471 Doran is embraced as a Ventrue with an impeccable Lineage.
  • Early 1600's Doran Comes to the US
  • 1699 Bienville first comes to site of New Orleans
  • 1705 Doran comes to New Orleans soon after it founding with hopes of claiming it as a Camarilla domain.
  • 1713 Bienville is ousted of the governorship of the Louisiana Territory; Cadillac takes over.
  • 1716 Bienville defeats Nachez tribe and is reestablished as governor of territory
  • 1718 New Orleans formally established
  • 1734 Ursuline Convent built
  • 1736 Bienville defeats Chickasaws
  • 1743 Bienville returns to Europe. Cosa attacks the city looking for evidence of an old foe, and is defeated.
  • 1746 Followers of Set begin moving in to area slowly. As the other vampires war they set roots in New Orleans.
  • 1755 Refugees from Acadia travel to Louisiana territory and settle in bayous near city.
  • 1760 Serapion arrives when his childer have established a considerable powerbase amongst mortals especially with the slaves and those who practice voodoo.
  • 1763 France cedes Louisiana territory to Spain. Cosa comes in to power.
  • 1768 Colonists revolt and oust Spanish officials.
  • 1768-69 Doran reclaims territory
  • 1768 Revolt put down and Cosa usurps power
  • 1779-1781 Gulf Coast campaign against British West Florida as part of the Anglo-Spanish War
  • 1788 First major fire destroys 80% of city, many kindred within the city believe this to be the work of Doran.
  • 1790 Doran leaves New Orleans but comes back later in the year. Continuing battle between Doran and Cosa.
  • 1793 Giovanni arrive in New Orleans and immediately begin warring with Camarilla vampires. Cosa reaches out to the Setites looking for assistance to defeat the Giovanni. They agree

but no boons are offered or exchanged. They therefor sold every bit of information Cosa had given them to the Giovanni, for a price.

  • 1794 Second Fire destroys large part of city including havens and holdings of the Camarilla vampires.
  • 1801 Last official sighting of Cosa. Louisiana territory ceded back to France.
  • 1803 Outside forces manipulate selling territory to the U.S.
  • 1811 Largest Slave revolt in American history occurs nearby and Orleans Parish is directly involved in its aftermath.
  • 1815 Battle of New Orleans. Supernatural forces launch assault to take city, while they succeed in destroying Doran and many of his allies, they ultimately are pushed back by a

strong alliance between the local Setites and Goivanni.

  • 1838 First Mardi Gras
  • 1840 Population reaches approximately 102,000 or double the 1830 population. At this point, New Orleans is the wealthiest city in the nation, the third-most populous city, and the largest city in the South.
  • 1853 Major Yellow Fever epidemic
  • 1862 Civil War ends for New Orleans. City rebuilding
  • 1866 Marcel is embraced as a member of clan Toreador. Depression hits New Orleans port economy.
  • 1870 Locke, an elder of Clan Malkavian, moves from Italy to New Orleans. Takes up with a group of nuns and helps create DePaul mental hospital. As member of the camarilla he could have run into difficulties within a city of Setites and Giovanni, but he seemed to know the leader of each of the clans locally from their past.
  • 1895 New Orleans dockworkers riot
  • 1902- Santino Giovanni arrives in New Orleans from Venice and is immediately ghouled by one of the local member of the Giovanni clan.
  • 1915-1917 Storyville Murders. Storyville shut down.
  • 1928 Huey Long elected governor of Louisiana, becomes senator in 1932 and is assassinated in 1935
  • 1950- Santino is granted the embrace and takes great interest in the nightlife within New Orleans
  • 1955 Marcel, with assistance of many kindred from outside the city, attempts to mount an attack on the Giovanni to regain Camarilla control but the Followers of Set and Giovanni push him into exile. It is rumored that his plans of attack were leaked to the Giovanni by an Elder of the Tower.
  • 1966 Riots break out as whites attempt to stop desegregation.
  • 1993 Fire at New Orleans fairgrounds liked to supernatural forces.
  • 1995- Santino opens a sting of night clubs in the French Quarter, one still flourishes into modern nights. A establishment that is constantly holding concerts for swing bands and Burlesque shows.
  • 2004 Christmas Eve snowstorm
  • 2005 Hurricane Katrina
  • 2011 The Independent Alliance is formed and New Orleans is one of the first domains claimed as part of its territory.
  • 2012 Hurricane Isaac. After which a very wealthy young man arrives in New Orleans, Sabastian. He quickly starts up the Mahallo Corporation, which by all accounts seemed to be a straightforward financial firm dedicated to buying loans from banks in New Orleans. This got him the attention of community activates and the political elite within the city.
  • 2015- Sabastian is embraced by a member of clan Setite.

Storyteller Notes:

As this is going to be an Independent Alliance city we will be looking to have a larger amount of IA members than those of any other clan or Sect. Due to this we’ll be imposing a 2:1 ratio IA members to unaligned kindred and a 5:1 IA to Camarilla or Anarch. As the chronicle begins we will be looking for a 1:2 elder to non-elder ration After the initial game start we will not be allowing any more elders until we can have a 1:4 ratio elders to non-elders.

Players are expected to have at least two copies of their updated character sheet at game. Players with their character on the LA005D VSS may count an updated copy on the database as one of their copies.

When Proxying to this domain please include the following information along with an updated character sheet:

  • Character description.
  • Items brought with the character.
  • Characters means of traveling to the domain.
  • Characters intent while within the domain.
  • List of instructions for situations you feel the character may encounter.
  • Please be sure to CC your st when proxying here.

Proxys for our live games are expected no later than 2 days before the game for those outside the VSS and 1 day before game for characters attached to the vss.

XP Awards: A player earns 6 xp for a single character played during a live game. Should a player divide game time between more than one characters then each character earns 3xp. A player is awarded 4 xp for completing a monthly downtime. Downtimes will be handled on a weekly basis by players filling out a Google form, needing only one a month per character to receive full downtime xp.

Best Costume/Role-play: At each live game an award will be given to those who win best costume and best role-play for the night. Each earns a free retest against the storyteller at the next live game. Should the player awarded not attend the next game or not use the free retest then it is lost.

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